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Our Story

The Doghouse is a community focused, heart centered gathering place, tucked away in the abundant Comox Valley. We offer pre-registered and drop-in yoga classes, and host an wide array of informative and inspiring workshops and events. 

The Doghouse is co-owned and run by Toni Dunne and Kristen Gilbert, who combined, offer over 35 years of experience with yoga, meditation and movement. Passionate about learning and sharing, both Kristen and Toni exude an infectious enthusiasm for making ancient yogic principles relevant and meaningful in a contemporary context.

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Kristen Gilbert

Hi! I’m Kristen and I’m passionate about facilitating your personal growth and sense of freedom in your body. My physical and spiritual pursuits cover a lot of ground, including 20 years of yoga/asana practice in a vinyasa style, meditation and pranayama, Sanskrit/yoga sutra study, circus (especially pole), cross training and trail running. My love of yoga has inspired me to seek teachers all over the planet to glean wisdom from, including Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane, Chuck Miller, Aadil Palkivalha, Elizabeth Burr, Chris Richardson, Natalie Rousseau and many more. Toni and I created the Doghouse with the intention of having a space for community-minded people to gather and further their physical and spiritual development in a holistic way. We are honoured to host international teachers in this intimate space and intertwine philosophy, mythology and the study of Ayurveda in our classes.

I have had the blessing of teaching yoga almost everywhere I've lived and travelled for the last 18 years. I began my teaching career with a 2 year, 1000 hour Ashtanga Yoga training  in Toronto, then studied and taught Maya Yoga in Hawaii, and continued to teach in Australia, Chile, Nicaragua and India. I have led 10 retreats over the span of my career and have been the co-owner of The Doghouse in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island since 2014. Here my studio partner Toni and I have cultivated a thriving yoga scene with packed  pre-registered classes. We have overarching educational themes for each of our 10 week sessions, including Ayurveda and the Elements, the Yamas and Niyamas (yogic moral precepts specified by the sage Patanjali), the Chakras and Indian Mythology. I am devoted to continuing to feed my own development as a teacher and practitioner through engaging in continual education and taking yearly meditation retreats as well.  


Toni Dunne

I am an enthusiastic student of life, open to self inquiry and devoted to personal evolution. Much of the inspiration comes from the allure, beauty and mystery of the natural world. I love to garden and walk in the woods, play in the snow and swim in natural water bodies. Moving through the seasons, I am guided by the practices of foraging and wild crafting, which provide with the visceral experience of connection. All of these ways of being inform my teaching and sharing. 

My teaching style is a playful exploration of mind, movement, and breath, harnessing the dynamic nature of the expansion and contraction that characterizes life. I place great emphasis on compassion and gratitude for the gift of body, how it moves us, and the innate wisdom it holds.

My journey with yoga began in Victoria B.C. in 1999. Here, I studied for many years in the Ashtanga tradition, a powerful practice that challenged me in mentally and physically. This practice was the perfect antidote to a sedentary university lifestyle. In 2009, I completed a 200-hr teaching training with Catherine Munroe of YogaWorks. Numerous workshops, immersions and mentorships have followed this initial training, studying with many gifted teachers in varying styles, most notably: Natalie Rousseau, Elizabeth Burr, Christina Sell and Carly Forest. I have continuously offered classes in the Comox Valley since 2009: in studios, beside the ocean, on paddle boards, at festivals, in parks, churches, and yurts.

My motivation for teaching is to hold the space for students to navigate the mind-body with curiosity and compassion. 


Heather Evans

Heather Evans is the Founder of Journeys on the Mat. She is a passionate yoga teacher, life coach, and energetic healer who is inspired by everyday moments of bravery. She found herself on the mat over ten years ago seeking a deeper connection to self following a military upbringing, a dance career, and struggles with eating disorders. She remembers her first yoga class like it was yesterday…she stepped onto the mat, was asked to take a seat, to close her eyes, and breathe… From that moment forward, she was hooked!

While Heather has been trained in Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative yoga, her movement is uniquely responsive to the needs of those she works with. She is much more interested in how the movement feels as opposed to achieving the “perfect pose.” A strong believer in energetic alignment, Heather infuses her adjustments with the same care she uses when giving energy healing and biodynamic craniosacral sessions. Her goal is to provide space for her students to experience themselves in a much deeper and transformative way…going beyond asana and delving into the mental, emotional, and energetic connections to be found on and off the mat.

You can find Heather sharing her passion around the world including Canada, the United States, Indonesia, and the Middle East. In her classes and workshops, there is a deep emphasis on transformation, energetics, breath, playfulness, and personal empowerment.  Her mission is to break boundaries and connect people to the moment and their deeper selves in shared spaces of inspiration and support. “Her love of the practice inspires, not only her students, but those around her in everyday life. The flow of her classes hits all body parts and leaves you feeling mentally refreshed and centred.”


Davina Kadhi

I discovered yoga 17 years ago, and it was a deeply healing and transformative experience for me, it is this that I hope to share with others.  As a practising  emergency doctor in Comox, with 2 young children, and outdoor pursuits of  kite surfing, trail running, mtb and music,  yoga has become even more central to my life for balancing well being of the body, mind, and spirit.

I have been an avid student of yoga since 2000, practising  mainly ashtanga and hatha. I completed my certification with Tina Pashumati James in Whistler, who is a fully qualified ashtanga and advanced Jivamuki instructor following the lineage of Sri. K Pattabi Jois, David Life and Sharon Ganon. My training included yoga therapy and a strong connection to First Nations teachings

Over the years I have continued to study the practises of asana, pranayama, kriya, devotional chanting, and meditation, and would like to explore these in my classes. With my knowledge of physiology and anatomy my classes will be a safe, spirited, uplifting vinyasa flow.  I am very excited to launch my teaching path at the Doghouse with the support of Toni and Kristin, and I offer my respect and gratitude to my root teacher TIna-Ji.

Integratation of yoga into life and life into yoga, bringing what we learn from the mat and living it in our daily lives, that is the practice.  “Toss aside your map of the world, All your beliefs and constructs, dare the wild unknown” the radiance sutras