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Nourish The Root



Summer is a whirling dervish spinning in the heat of the sun, sending energy out in all directions. As the season shifts, the spinning slows and we return our attention to the inner life, nourishing the deepest roots of our being.

Nourish the Root is an immersion in embodied meditative movement, and a sinking into the soil of our own soul. The organic sounds of hand drums and the shakuhachi (Japanese flute), played live, will wash over and through us. We will pause, breathe, and assess the conditions. Like a garderner who looks to see what is needed for her garden to survive the coming winter whole and hearty, we will attune to the needs of our bodies, hearts, and minds.

The three hour experience:

In the first half, we begin with slowing the mind to more fully inhabit the body through a somatic vinyasa-like flow sequence that brings awareness, and loving attention to each body part. No yoga experience necessary, this flow sequence is adaptable to every body.

In the second half, we will be joined by the Drunken Rumis, Jesse Gentes and Patrick Desjardins, who will bring their own attention and attunement to the organic process of the group. The breath and heartbeat of their instruments will take us deeper into the slow dance of the embodied soul. They will improvise a sound meditation which will weave us together as movers, breathers, and beings.

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