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For Every Shadow, A Light

Sjanie McInnis
For Every Shadow, A Light (For Every Light, A Shadow)


For Every Shadow, A Light
(For Every Light, A Shadow)

Any light that burns hot and bright can't last and will leave darkness as its legacy.  I want your yoga practice to continue to be the sustainable, reasonable solution that warms like a hearth fire:  well managed, nourishing and life giving.

Morning: (10-12)

Balance. Simple, strong standing poses, balances, and weight bearing in the upper body.  Some tips for shoulders and hips.

Afternoon: (2-4)

Radiance.  Backbends, seated forward folds and twists, supine work.  Yoga philosophy in modern and pop contexts; the politics of yoga and the yoga of politics.

Investment: $75


I am delighted to return to the valley once again; I've had so many rewarding visits.  I have been guiding bodies in Vancouver since 2003 and like many of your teachers, I've studied several styles of yoga and pretty much just picked the parts that I like from each one.  Like when you're at the farmers market.

I currently teach public classes at YYoga Yaletown and One Yoga For The People in Vancouver.  I also teach private sessions, mentor yoga teachers, and belong to the faculty at the Vancouver School of Yoga.  I have six year old twins, an incredibly gifted artist as a husband, and a neglected yet still prolific garden.

Later Event: October 22
Nourish The Root