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Lit From Within: Weekend Retreat with Carly Forest

Carly Forest
Lit From Within Weekend Retreat *SOLD OUT*

Retreating from our own busy lives is a deeply supportive act of remembering: remembering ourselves, our deepest longings and heartfelt intentions to live a meaningful life. It helps us
to stretch time and access liminal space. It helps us see, hear, and feel life differently.

Drawing inspiration and wisdom from the natural world, this two day retreat offers Yin yoga, mindfulness and psycho-spiritual inquiry as a way to assist you in attuning to your external environment and your inner landscape. We will be exploring the themes of surrender and expansion, yin and yang, descent and ascent and how to hold the paradox of being human with grace and courage.

Our time together will also explore teachings on the subtle body and how we can strengthen our energetic fields to increase vitality, enhance healthy boundaries and deepen our intuitive capacities.

Coupled with writing, self-inquiry work, and luminous poetry, this retreat promises to stir your senses and help you connect to a rhythm that is naturally yours. 

*This is a non-residential, two day retreat hosted at The Doghouse. Food and accomodation is not included.

Classes are from 10am-5pm each day, with a 1 hour lunch break.

Investment: $170
Please email to reserve your spot. A 50% deposit is required.s