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TRE Release Workshop with Meghan Gorosh

 Anxious. Stressed out. Overwhelmed.   Exhausted. These words are all too common adjectives to describe how we feel on a daily basis. Life is
stressful, but that reality doesn’t have to control you.

TRE® (tension and trauma releasing exercises) is an innovative approach to managing and mitigating the effects of stress in your body and in your life. Whether we realize it or not, stress is something that impacts every one of us on a daily basis. Our bodies weren’t designed to live with the chronic and sometimes toxic stress that so many of us carry.
In this workshop, you will learn a set of 7 gentle and adaptable exercises that can be modified to support every body type and ability, to elicit an intentional and self controlled therapeutic muscular tremor, deep in the core of the body.
Similar to the way animals shake off stress, this tremor reflex seeks out and gently vibrates open deeply held patterns of tension in the muscle tissue and fascia of the body, while
naturally quieting and re-regulating the nervous system.
The tremor originates in the brain-stem, the part of the brain that regulates autonomic body functions, and does not involve the emotional or thinking brain, so even historic patterns of trauma and stress can be safely and gently released without re-triggering painful memories. Essentially TRE® allows the body to do this processing for us.
TRE® is accessible and easy to learn. Most people find it easy to integrate TRE® into
their lives, and more importantly, derive benefit from it almost immediately. Empower yourself with your own biology, and take your health and wellness into your own hands!

*This workshop is intended to empower participants in a self directed practice of TRE, and is not education on teaching this practice to others*


Investment: $35


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