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Self-Care for Mental Health

We all struggle at times with our mental health - whether it's balancing anxiety, agitation, and ungrounded states; or working through depression, grief, and lack of motivation. Discover, in a supportive environment, the tools that help to address your own unique challenges.


This 3 hour workshop will discuss basic patterns of mental health imbalance from an energetic perspective, and will include an exploration of how these manifest in the body. We will investigate the effects of trauma on mental health, work with supportive therapies such as movement and breath, and discuss other helpful allies in lifestyle, diet therapy and supplementation. 

Madison is an acupuncturist and yogi with lived experience of mental illness and extreme states. She strives to empower individuals to put into practice the therapies that best support their own bodies and experiences. Please wear clothing suitable for gentle movement; bring a yoga mat, notepad and pen if possible.

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Investment: $45