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Systemic Constellation with Alexandra Luppold

What is Systemic Constellation? 

It is a process where we create the opportunity to gain insights into the hidden dynamics behind reoccurring life-challenges. It can be utilized for: trauma, illness, pain, dreams, and issues around the workplace, relationship, money, creativity, addiction and more. 

This process will assist the shifting and healing of long-standing patterns of suffering and unhappiness, as well restore the flow of love and harmony. 

“We do not analyze or discuss any of the dynamics that are coming up in the process, but rather, we leave room for the soul to move at its own pace” ~Alexandra

Investment (seeker): $99 For your own constellation
Investment (participant): $44 Just be part of the circle

Everyone in the circle will receive healing, it is the nature and power of constellation work!

You may 'upgrade' at any time from participant to seeker if you feel called to.                  For more on this work and/or Alexandra, visit:


Later Event: May 27
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