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EFT for Feeling Anxious

Get an effective tool for relief from anxious thoughts and feelings with EFT Coach Jessica Dorzinsky.

Find yourself wrapped up in worry and overthinking? Are you constantly carrying tension in your neck and shoulders, and a tightness in your chest?

You’re invited to a breakthrough class with EFT Coach Jessica Dorzinsky. We will be using tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to create less anxious, more calm and empowering states of mind. You’ll feel lighter, more open and connected, and have a new tool to re-centre yourself during stressful times.

Tapping is a technique that allows you to literally re-wire the stress response in your brain. This hands-on class is a great chance to experience EFT if you’ve been curious about it. You’ll also get direct access to Jessica’s soul-based coaching to help you transform your perspectives and create new possibilities in your life.

Investment: $35