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Autumn Reset: Equinox Acupuncture and Yoga

Join Toni Dunne of The Doghouse and Casey Parsons of The Fix: Acupuncture and Wellness on the eve of the Equinox for conversation, deep inquiry, restoration and nourishment.


Autumn is a beautiful, dramatic, and abundant time of year. It is also a profoundly important season to take stock of one's vital energy as we move into the long, slow winter. Through the lens of TCM and Ayurveda, Toni and Casey will present the ancient seasonal wisdom that both these systems impart.


Included in this offering:

- lecture/discussion about the season and healthy practices to support one's health and wellness.

-led meditation, pranayama, and asana practice

-inquiry and readings

-Specific Acupuncture needles (or magnets) to support and steady.

Investment: $60

email: to register