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Sharing the Road: A storytelling workshop and performance with Naomi Steinberg

Naomi Steinberg is a gifted artist and storyteller. She has over 18 years’ experience performing traditional folk and fairytales with diverse communities, and has a special love for epic tales of adventure, love, and transformation. Most recently, Naomi voyaged around the Earth without taking an airplane. She told her hand-spun story, Goosefeather, wherever she went, and is now writing a book about the experience:


During workshops (eg: in schools, theatres, forests, festivals, conferences), Naomi focuses on both solo and group processes. Participant participants work with a classic fairytale or folktale as Naomi leads the group through exercises that integrate movement and contemplation, clowning and vocal dynamics, into the storytelling process. Naomi believes that to work deeply with a story is to embark on a journey of discovery and play.

Friday Performance 7-8pm $10-$15 sliding scale

Saturday Workshop 10am-1pm $65

Or attend both workshop and performance for $70