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Word-Up: Empower Yourself (& the World) with Quantum Languaging

How to Empower Yourself and Your Tribe with Your Every Word: An Interactive Quantum Languaging Workshop

Join Dani Katz, author of Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change, for an interactive Quantum Languaging workshop wherein participants will learn and practice the tenets of a language of freedom and empowerment.

As the fundamental building blocks of our entire reality, words can either lift us us, or shut us down. In this three-hour, participatory workshop, we will learn about the vibrational frequencies encoded within our words, and explore how they function to expand and contract, empower and enslave. Participants will learn the fundamental principles of a language of empowerment, while putting the teachings into practice by relanguaging their beliefs and their stories for the infinitely more supportive, expansive and inspired.

Investment: $44